Irma Thompson Educators of Color Initiative

What is the Educators of Color Initiative?

Named after Mrs. Irma Thompson (1917-2019), a prominent educator and community leader from Buena Vista, Virginia, the Rockbridge NAACP’s Irma Thompson Educators of Color Program supports incoming teachers financially with a grant which can be used to offset relocation and/or education-related expenses.

Established in 2020, the grant is intended to help teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators of color with moving expenses, housing, or other job-related expenditures. It is offered as part of a broader effort to help recruit and support educators of color moving to the area, and to promote diversity in the county and cities’ schools.

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Interested in Teaching in Rockbridge County?

In the 21st century, Education has become one of the key elements in life and progress in Rockbridge County. While the County is home to three national undergraduate institutions as well as a regional center of a Virginia community college, teachers in our local K-12 schools have become essential in addressing the challenges and difficulties our students will be facing in the future. 

Why Should You Want to Live in Rockbridge County?

Resources to learn about the area:

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Where Do the Funds Come from and Who is Eligible?

Funds for the Rockbridge NAACP’s Irma Thompson Educators of Color Initiative are made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Rockbridge NAACP, CARE-Community Anti-Racism Effort and 50 Ways Rockbridge, and to anonymous private donors.

Certified (or currently seeking certification) teachers, school psychologists, counselors, principals, vice-principals, and other professional administrators, hired full-time for a period of at least one school year, are eligible for the grant. $500 awards will be provided to local educators of color, and $1000 to educators of color new to the Rockbridge-Lexington-Buena Vista area.

Interested in Coming to Rockbridge?

For more information contact the Rockbridge NAACP.

Interested in Contributing?

Donate to the Irma Thompson Fund or learn more about the Rockbridge NAACP.